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Your pet has had a bandage applied today. The success of your pet's treatment depends to a large extent on good care of this bandage.

Please check the bandage twice daily to ensure that it is not uncomfortable, too tight or has slipped.

There should be no odour, no evidence of ooze from the wound appearing through the dressing and there should be no skin irritation around the top of the bandage. There should not be any swelling of the limb above the bandage.

It is important that the bandage does not become wet or soiled with water, urine or mud. The bandage should be covered with a plastic bag when your pet is taken outside and the bag removed as soon as you return indoors to avoid the foot from becoming overheated. A sturdy plastic bag is available from the surgery on request.

Please discourage your pet from chewing or licking at the bandage. However, constant attention to the bandage may indicate that the bandage is uncomfortable or that there is irritation or pain beneath it and this should be investigated promptly. If there is no medical reason for your pet worrying at the bandage, a Buster collar can be supplied to prevent this.

When you collect your pet you will be advised when the bandage should be removed or changed. Please make an appointment.

If you have any concerns regarding your pet's bandage, please contact the surgery for advice or to arrange a complimentary check up.


A 24 hour emergency service is available on 01730 814321



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