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Cats name:
Date of Procedure:
Time of Appointment:

Estimated Cost: If we did not inform you regarding the cost then please give us a phonecall!

Payment is required at the time of collection. We accept cash and most debit and credit cards.


Withhold food after 10pm the night before surgery. This ensures that the animal's stomach is empty by the time he's put under general anesthesia.
If your pet has eaten on the morning of surgery or is showing any sign of being unwell please inform us.
Water can be available to your pet all night
Please keep your cat indoors with a litter tray provided the night before surgery to ensure he/she did not get anything to eat.


An appointment has been made to admit your pet with a nurse or vet. They will go through the consent form and will answer any questions you have. Please ensure that you allow 10 minutes for this.
If your cat is on a special diet, please bring a small amount for use during hospitalisation.

Please give us a phonecall around 2.30 - 3.00pm for a progress report of your cat and to arrange an appointment time for collection, usually between 3pm-5pm.
Certain surgical and dental cases will require overnight hospitalisation. They will be cared for by a trained Veterinary Nurse along with the duty Veterinary Surgeon.

Most cats will go home on the same day as the operation.
The nurse/ veterinary surgeon will discuss the operation and the after care.
Written instructions will be given along with any necessary medication. Further appointments will also be booked as necessary.

We advise the first 48 hours post operatively to feed a bland diet. We recommend Royal Canin Feline Sensitivity Diet which is higly digestible with adequate nutrients to aid recovery after an anaesthetic.


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