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Publish date: 01-03-2017
All prices are inclusive of 20% VAT

Consultations  Vetplan
Consultation lasts 10 minutes, but we will always give you the time that you need with no increase in cost. 
Subsequent Consultation30.9630.96
Repeat Prescription Consultation30.9630.96
Consultation Small Furries/ Chicken2424
1st Post Operation ConsultationFREE                
Nurse ConsultationFREEFREE
Out of Hours Consultation before 10pm + Weekend130*130
Out of Hours Consultation after 10pm + Weekend204*204
Average Price for an injection13.0013.00

 * For non-clients of Woodland Vet Centre or Springfield Vets: Out of hours before 10pm +weekend: £183, Out of hours after 10pm+weekend: £228

Vaccinations  Vetplan

Vaccinations for Tropical Disease are available on request
Primary Vaccination 1st injection, 20 minute consult36FREE
Primary Vaccination  2nd injection, 20 minute consult36-
Primary vaccination 2nd injection + Kennel Cough, 20 minute consult48FREE
Annual Booster


Annual Booster + Kennel Cough55.80 Included
Kennel Cough24.24-
Rabies Vaccination + Pet Passport121.80121.80
Rabies Booster + Update Pet passport85.2085.20
Primary vaccination including Leukaemia 1st/ 2nd injection, 20 minute Consult39.60FREE
Primary Vaccination without Leukaemia 1st/ 2nd injection, 20 minute Consult31.57 -
Primary leukaemia Vacciation 1st/2nd injection24.00-
Annual Vaccination including Leukaemia48.65Included
Annual Booster without Leukaemia40.56-
Rabies vaccination: see Dog pricing  
Primary Vaccination Myxomatosis + Viral Haemorrhagic Disease49.80 49.80
Annual Booster Myxomatosis + Viral Haemorrhagic Disease49.80 49.80

Routine Procedures  Vetplan
Clip Nails Vet16.8016.80
Clip Nails Nurse7.92FREE
Empty Anal Glands including Consult25.8025.80


Operations  Vetplan
We always give you a written estimate for any operation we perform on your pet
(includes painkiller, Post Operative Consult and Stitch Removal)  
Dog (bodyweight less then 20kg- greater then 40kg)133-220120-199
Rabbit 70.8062.62
Ferret 70.80 N/A
(includes painkiller, Post Operative Consult and Stitch Removal)  
Cat 60 54
Dog (bodyweight less then 20kg - greater then 40kg) from 214-360 193-324
Rabbit 84 75.60
Ferret 73.20 

Further Investigation and Hospitalisation   
In case further investigation or hospitalisation is necessary you will receive a written estimate for this.  



Pay monthly and save money on your pet's preventative health care.

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