Nurse consults

Our qualified nurses have a wealth of experience and are available for general care and advice.
This service is free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Please feel free to make an appointment.

  • Midhurst Veterinary Centre: tel. 01730 814321
  • Liphook Veterinary Centre: tel. 01428 723595
  • Haslemere Veterinary Centre: tel. 01428 651880

For our Vetplan members there is no charge for any provided services or products (except for Microchipping for which they receive a 10% discount).

Our nurses provide the following services:

  • Advice on Worming, flea and tick treatment (there is a charge for any products provided)
  • Advice on Feeding your animal
  • Weight management
  • Advice on Puppies & Kittens (Only after the primary vaccination course is completed)
  • Advice on Rabbits & Guinea Pigs and other ' small furries'
  • Microchipping ( there is a charge for this service)
  • Nail clipping (there is a small charge for this)
  • Administering treatment e.g. giving tablets, applying ear drops or eye ointment.
  • Removing sutures
  • Removing mats (there can be a charge for this)


Available specialised Nurse Clinics

Some of our nurses have followed courses to gain experience in certain medical fields.
We are very proud that we can offer the following specialised nurse clinics:

Weight Watchers Club

Weight Watchers Club

nurse-clinics-dog-overweightPets can get overweight for several reasons, a health problem, lack of exercise or the wrong diet.
Our nurses will recommend a weight reduction programme suitable for your pet.
This will most likely involve making changes to your pet’s diet and making recommendations about exercise and activity. Making these nurse-clinic-food-bowlchanges will help prevent your pet from gaining excess body fat and keep your pet healthy and happy.
The Weight Watchers Club is a free service provided by our Veterinary Centre for our clients.


Senior Wellness Club


Senior Wellness Clinic

Animals over the age of 7 are more likely to develop health problems.
Our Senior Wellness Clinic aims to provide support and give advice on problems associated with pets as they age.
Discussing your pets health and testing urine samples can help identify health problems earlier and so give us the opportunity to slow down or minimise problems associated with old age.
The Senior Wellness Club is in all our Veterinary Centres and there is a fee to attend this Nurse Clinic. More Info



Puppy Party!

puppy smiling
Puppy Party!

Our puppy parties are a great way to introduce your pets to other animals and also gain tips and information on how to care for your new bundle of fun!
Puppies between the ages of 10-14 weeks are invited to come along, have some fun and most importantly to socialise.
This is a very important stage in a puppies life, where they begin to explore their surroundings, learn what is acceptable behaviour and steer them along the path of growing into well rounded happy dog.
The Puppy Party is only available at our Haslemere Veterinary Centre and there is a fee to attend this. More Info



Rabbit clinic!

Nurse-clinic-Rabbit-TheaRabbit Clinic

Rabbits are the UK's 3rd most popular pet! This is because they are highly intelligent, social, interactive and fun creatures that are extremely clean and can even be litter trained. They have very individual and distinct personalities, and often live over ten years of age - making them every bit as worthwhile investing in as dogs and cats!
Despite all this there are still a lot of myths and misinformation around the best care for pet rabbits, and indeed their welfare needs. It's actually very easy when you know how......
Our veterinary nurse Liane RVN holds rabbit clinics.
Your rabbit will have a free full health check from tip to toe, and you will be given advice on vaccination, parasite prevention, diet, insurance, handling and behaviour. If your rabbits needs a nail clip then a small charge will be applied.
The Rabbit Clinics are held at our Midhurst Veterinary Centre and they are free of charge for our clients.



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