Veterinary consultations are available 6 days a week.Vet-Andrew
These consultations are by appointment only which can be booked by phone, online or by visiting our reception at Midhurst, Haslemere or Liphook surgeries.
All consultation rooms are equipped with an examination table, basic equipment including thermometer, auroscope and stethoscope and a computer terminal to enable instant access to your pet's clinical history.

Our 3 Veterinary Centres are connected by computer, enabling us to access your pet's records even if he/she has been seen in one of our other Veterinary Centres.

Our standard consultation lasts 10 minutes, but we will always give you the time that you need with no increase in cost.
During a consultation, the vet will record your pet's weight as any dramatic weight loss/increase can indicate a medical problem. The vet will examine your pet thoroughly and discuss the diagnosis and treatment.

In case further investigation is necessary you will receive an estimate. If your animal needs extensive treatment, you will be referred to our Midhurst Veterinary Centre which is well equipped to deal with emergencies, further investigation and hospitalisation. A member of staff will inform our Midhurst Veterinary Centre of your impending arrival ensuring that your pet will get the attention it requires.


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